Hog Housing

First thing that it comes to when free ranging hogs is you should at least have 4 acres completely dedicated to these animals.  You're going to need huts or housing for your breeding stock.  You're going to need a house sturdy enough to house your breeding boar and it has to be strong a boar will tear through almost anything.  I have seen boars walk through pallets hog panel and cow panel fencing.  So when you think of a design to house a boar, you should think of materials like concrete footer, cender block, with a dirt floor, with the bottom row of wall gapped for drainage, and a tin roof with ventilation.  Now you can get away using things like pallets and free materials.  Yes it will be cheaper in the short run, although you can bet money every time that boar knows ones of your sows come into heat, or he just wants out, he will get out.  I would build the same kind of set up for your breeding sows.  The reason why is, because hogs and pigs are social animals they like to get  out and running around with each other.  Also the dirt floor will greatly help regulate the hogs temperature, as you may know pigs don't sweat.  So in order to help regulate there temperature they need to dig into the dirt to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Otherwise you'll have to come up with climate control which would mean fans in the summer and heaters in the winter.  You have to have a constant water source supplied to the pigs through pig nipples, pigs absolutely have to have a fresh source of water all the time.  
You can not just fill a bucket with water and expect them to only drink what they want, water buckets do work, but they are a bad idea.  Pigs always spill water buckets, then your pig won't have any water until you refill it.  Which you would have to do 5 or 6 times a day, because they will keep spilling it creating a mud hole, which you will have to drain.  That is not a safe environment for a sow and her piglets, then your just losing profit.  After you got your pins constructed the way that you are comfortable with and you have a constant source of fresh water and food set up.  A suggestion for constant food is a brower single door automatic feeder, this is for an individual hog.  They works on a farm gate very well, when secured properly.

I would suggest a few essential thing to buy when setting up this kind of holding area. Automatic waterer and feeder and a scale. The scale is for when pigs go to market you know for sure the weight of the hog and if you ever have to medicate there is no guessing the weight and hope you dont overdose your pig on wormer or anything else.